Condo Insurance

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A condo insurance policy covers your personal property and liability, as well as any additions, alterations and improvements you make to your unit that are your responsibility based on the condo association agreement.

You can purchase optional loss assessment coverage to protect you against certain assessments that may be levied by the association. For example, in case you need to vacate your condo after a covered loss, you would be compensated for additional living expenses.

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What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Condo insurance provides coverage for your personal property and much more. You may have the option to elect to carry Full Value Personal Property which ensures that you are reimbursed full replacement value without regard for depreciation after a covered loss.

Condo association coverage protects your investment in upgraded cabinets or hardwood floors, if you have them. Your condo association's policy might cover certain areas in addition to common areas, if these areas are damaged. You should check your HOA contract to see what is covered and what you are responsible for. If common areas are damaged, your condo association may levy assessments on all of its members to cover the association policy's deductible.

Various limits of loss assessment coverage are available. Be sure to consult the HOA agreement to determine the potential for such assessments.

Your condo insurance policy also protects you and your family members against bodily injury and property damage liability claims and any litigation that may result subject to the limits you select.

Medical payments coverage can be purchased to compensate for an injured visitor's medical bills regardless of who was at fault. Various constraints are available.


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